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Are you used to giving the ‘I’m OK’ image but really struggling to carry on that persona right now?

Are family or working relationships taking their toll, leaving you feeling frustrated, angry or worthless?

Has a bereavement or loss or lack of contact with a loved one become unbearable and isolating?

Do you worry about the future and question how you feel about yourself and others?


Are you struggling to be heard and accepted?

How I Can Help

Sometimes when we struggle to cope with life events, however big or small, we try to hide away but often the problems can resurface or end up taking over our everyday thoughts and lifestyles. You may even be thinking that your problems or worries are not as bad as other people’s issues and that you should just be OK. The most important thing to say is that if the problem is important to you, it is important to me and I provide counselling for YOU.


I will not give you advice or tell you what to do BUT I will listen to you, I will accept you, I will acknowledge the struggles and pain you are facing and I will support you without judgment to uncover the best way forward for you. It really can make a big difference just to talk through things in the safety of counselling.


People come to counselling for all sorts of reasons, and whatever you wish to talk about I will work with you to support you in finding the right way forward for you. If things continue to make life harder for you why not make the first steps and ask for help.

I offer face to face sessions from an accessible venue in Norwich and also provide online sessions via Zoom and telephone counselling to adults who live within the UK. 

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