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Frequently Asked Questions

Making the first steps to start counselling, can feel a very scary and daunting thing to even consider, let alone start. You may well have more questions or concerns before making the decision to start. I have included some frequently asked questions below but please do feel free to contact me if you have anything else you would like to know. I always strive to respond within 24 hours of any contact made.

Is it best for me to have sessions by video, 
telephone or face to face?

I offer face to face sessions from an accessible venue in Norwich and also provide online sessions via video (Zoom) and telephone counselling to adults who live within the UK. Sessions can be for be shorter or longer term work depending on your needs.


It is your choice as to which you feel would work best and it is possible to change how we work together at subsequent sessions. I would be happy to talk through this with you at any point.


Zoom sessions allow us to see each other and for many this allows a greater sense of warmth and closeness where non-verbal communication can also be of help. Telephone sessions offer opportunities to talk through the issues that you may be struggling with and some clients choose this method, if they prefer not to be seen or cannot access a webcam confidentially for a counselling session. Some also prefer this way because of a poor internet connection. This form of counselling is not the same as speaking with someone on an advice line.

Will what I talk about remain confidential?

I strongly feel that confidentiality is one of the most important factors in counselling. To be able to open up and explore difficult and challenging matters, I feel it is vital that you can be confident that what you say remains confidential at all times.

​I am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and adhere to their Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions. It is essential that all counsellors receive supervision. During my own supervision, I may discuss the content from our sessions, although I do not mention your name.

How often would we meet and how many sessions will I need?

Sessions are normally on the same day and time every week. Some people may wish to have sessions less often as their counselling comes to an end. This is something that we can chat about together initially and as we review your progress.

​It is really difficult to say how many sessions I feel you will need. Some clients feel they only need a few sessions whereas others may come for a much longer period of time. This is entirely your choice and you are free to end sessions whenever YOU decide. Initially you might decide to see how you feel on a week by week basis and again we can talk about this if you would find it helpful.

When are you available for sessions?

Please check in with me for my latest availability. I currently have some limited day time and evening sessions available and we can talk through when would work best. You can contact me by phone or email and I always strive to get back to you within 24 hours.

How much do sessions cost?

It’s really important that you feel comfortable with the therapist you choose to work with. I offer a free initial 15 minute telephone call to find out a little more about the reasons you are seeking counselling and for us to explore what working together may be like


Further sessions of up to an hour are currently £50 per session.  I am occasionally able to offer some concessions.

​Payment is required prior to any session taking place and is made by bank transfer.

What happens if I want to book sessions?

Great, I look forward to working alongside you. 


Before we can start sessions together, I will send you an agreement/contract form that we would both sign and agree to. The contract will include the details around confidentiality, payments, cancellations and emergency contact details. 


​Once this has been returned and once we have arranged an initial session day and time, providing payment has been received in advance of the session, we can start working together and exploring how to get to the place you want to get to. ​

What happens at my first session?

Our initial meeting will allow us to discuss your reasons for accessing counselling, how you hope counselling may help you and you can ask me any questions you may have.


I will ask you some questions too, to help me understand what is troubling you and to determine whether counselling with me is appropriate for you at this time. The first session is primarily for us to explore whether we can work together to help you reach the outcome you are aiming for.

Finding a counsellor that you are comfortable working with is really important if it is to be helpful for you to achieve the outcomes you want and deserve. You are under no obligation to work with me if you do not feel I am the right person for you. In the same way, it might be appropriate, if I feel I am not the right counsellor for you, to signpost you to an alternative counsellor or alternative service.

Do you offer counselling outside of the UK?

I am sorry but I am only able to offer counselling sessions to those living in the UK. Some countries have different registration and practice requirements for offering counselling virtually and as such I'm unable to accept clients from outside of the UK.


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